Best Knees Over Toes Equipment For 2024 on a Budget

Best Knees Over Toes Equipment For 2024 on a Budget

It’s no secret that buying proper training equipment can put a massive hole in your wallet, and it may seem that having a great knees over toes training setup is out of reach…

However, knees over toes training is for everyone – no matter how much you’re able to spend on equipment! Budget-price doesn’t have to mean budget-quality, and that’s exactly what we’ll show you here today as we explore the best knees over toes equipment for 2024 that won’t break the bank!

Let’s take a look!

The Tib Bar Pro

This piece of kit is a staple in all knees over toes training setups. The Tib Bar Pro is your one-stop-shop to building strong, resilient, and healthy Tibialis Anterior muscles, which is super important for handling the forces generated by walking, running, and jumping. In fact, your Tibialis Anterior is your first line of defense in preventing those forces from wreaking havoc on your knees and creating shin splints!

On top of that, the Tib Bar Pro shows its versatility by being great for bicep curls, hip flexor raises, wrist curls, and more! The high-quality heavy duty steel construction also ensures that the Tib Bar Pro will stay with you for a long time, and its 150 lbs weight limit will allow you to progress for years to come! 

The Nordic Pro

The Nordic Pro is the most revolutionary and effective way of training Nordic Curls – and that at an amazing price! 

Unlike other Nordic benches, the Nordic Pro offers 8 levels of regression so that anyone from beginner to professional athlete can train Nordic Curls in a safe, measurable, and controlled manner. This is perfect for preventing injuries and making gains fast, as you can maintain perfect form while the bench stops you from going past your limits!

Besides boosting your athletic abilities and saving your knees and hamstrings, the Nordic Pro features commercial grade construction that’ll prevail through the hardest training sessions. It also doesn’t require a counterbalance, truly making it the only piece of equipment you need for Nordic Curls! Plus, you can store it vertically – so it’ll take up virtually no space at all!

The Slant Ramps

You’ll forget all about your squat wedges after trying out the Slant Ramps! These guys are made with heavy duty steel construction, and will handle up to 800 lbs of weight – so get ready to become an elite lifter! 

The Slant Ramps give you 4 levels of adjustment, allowing you to fully customize the angle your ankles are at. This provides amazing versatility for squatting, calf raises, Jefferson curls, VMO squats, Poliquin step-ups, and much more! The high-quality grip tape will keep your feet from slipping, and the bottom of the Slant Ramps have a non-slip protector that’ll keep them glued to the floor!

On top of all that, there are no tools required – simply toss them into your gym bag to use at home or at the gym and build amazing leg/ankle strength, flexibility, and mobility!

The Torque Bar 

Knees over toes training also values upper body work, and the Torque Bar is the perfect thing to build strength in your wrists, elbows, and shoulders! Your tendons and muscles will thank you for the wide variety of exercises you can do with this piece of equipment, including bicep curls, tricep kick-backs, shoulder presses, wrist pronation and supination, radial and ulnar flexion, and rotator cuff training!

One of the coolest things about the Torque Bar is that you can quickly turn it into an adjustable dumbbell, giving you nearly limitless opportunity for training anything in any way you want! The included crush grip and finger extenders will take your hand training to the next level, catapulting your grip strength to the moon!

So, whether you want to get stronger, more resilient, or recover from upper body injuries such as tennis elbow and muscle strains, the Torque Bar has got you covered.

Reverse Squat Straps

Small but mighty, the Reverse Squat Straps are more than meets the eye!

First off, they’re perfect for reverse squats (hence the name), training your hip flexors to prepare them for jumping and running – it’s simple math: stronger hip flexors means more powerful performance in those movements! However, the Reverse Squat Straps will serve you further than that…

The 18-inch long, neoprene padded, and heavy duty constructed straps give you the versatility and ability to do things like face pulls, tricep extensions, pull-overs, cable ab crunches, rows, and much more! Needless to say, they’re the perfect piece of gear to have in your knees over toes training setup!

Parallel Bars

From calisthenics lovers to gymnasts to professional athletes to weekend warriors, the parallel bars are a must-have in any training setting! 

First of all, these particular parallel bars are the only ones you’ll ever need, boasting knurled handles that’ll keep your grip strong and comfortable, a wide base for extreme stability, 14 inches of height for maximum range of motion, and a 300 lbs weight limit that’ll keep up with your progression for a very long time!

The commercial grade rubber feet ensure that you’re not slipping and sliding around when you’re practicing your push-ups, planches, handstands, swing-throughs, dips, L-sits, and anything else you want! And, the sleek black powder coat finish will complement your home gym like nothing else!


One of the best pieces of kit for a budget knees over toes training setup are olympic rings. A good pair will let you do so much, including pull-ups, ring dips, L-sits, rows, muscle-ups, mobility training – the sky’s the limit! 

This specific set of rings boasts commercial grade straps that will keep you safe and confident, while providing you with premium wooden handles that are smooth and ready for a hard training session! It also offers 14 levels of length adjustment, which lets you quickly access different positions for whatever exercise you want to do!

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