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Introducing The SledTred™️

Introducing The SledTred™️

Introducing The SledTred, the world's most versatile treadmill.

We built The SledTred to create an endless sled pushing and pulling experience for home gyms.

Push/Pull Sled Treadmills are traditionally only available in commercial gyms and are priced between $3000 and $6000!

We wanted everyone to enjoy the amazing benefits of sled pushing and pulling right from the comfort of their homes, and we've succeeded in building an affordable, incredibly convenient, and high-quality solution.

Plus, The SledTred offers much more with full-body workout capabilities, making this the ultimate home gym must-have!

We'll cover all the details, including exactly what it does, how you can train with it, and why it should be in your home gym.

Let's check it out!

What Is The SledTred?

The SledTred takes your workouts to the next level by offering an all-in-one approach to training. 

We thought hard about how we could improve our solution for at-home sled pushing and pulling and decided to pack it full of features that allow you to train everything right at home!

This resulted in a first-of-its-kind machine, offering sled, upper, lower, core, sprint training and cardio training all in one compact and ingenious design, pushing the limits of what gym equipment should and can look like!

The SledTred allows you to use magnetic resistance to simulate pushing, pulling, and forwards walking and backward walking. The Power Tower offers a ton of upper-body versatility without taking up any additional floor space! Then, we've added the Nordic Bench, Hip Thrust Machine, Sit-Up Bench, and more, truly making The SledTred a master of versatility!

Plus, The SledTred is a much more affordable option than buying all these different pieces of equipment it encompasses separately!


Full-Body At-Home Training with The SledTred

From hypertrophy to injury rehabilitation, knees over toes (KOT) training to prehab, and general resistance training, The SledTred does it all. 

Let's explore the different types of training you can do with it and examine its amazing features in more detail.  Use the Sledtred experience a total body workout!

Sled & Treadmill Training

Sled training traditionally comes with several potential problems.

For one, not all gyms offer sleds. If you find one that does (which is often more expensive), you then have to find space on the turf area, lug weight plates over to it, and hope that you don't run over anyone when sled training.

If you have a weighted sled at home, you'll either need a ton of space inside or deal with the elements outside to sled push or to do sprint training. The weather doesn't always allow you to sled train when you want to, and sled pushing on concrete or the road is loud and not nearly as comfortable as it should be. 

Home gyms typically are set up to fail regarding sled training, but The SledTred solves all these problems!

The Sledtred is a manual treadmill with 21 resistance levels, letting you choose precisely how much resistance you'll have to push or pull.  You can use the magnetic resistance to simulate pushing or pulling a sled.

When comparing the SledTred resistance to a normal-weighted sled being pushed or pulled on turf, The SledTred set to max resistance will feel similar to pushing and pulling over 300lbs of weight; however, the training surface is different, you never have to worry about running out of area, a car hitting you or lugging around all the equipment to get set up.

By completely controlling the resistance, you can reduce it for manual treadmill walking and resisted sprints and increase and use all the power it for sled pushing and pulling! You can also do backward walking and training Reverse Out Knee Pain (ROKP), an excellent training protocol to help build strength in your feet and knees.

Using the multi-pad and the adjustable handles, you can transition from sled pushing to sled pulling in seconds.

You can also set the treadmill at either 0 or 7 degrees, giving you further versatility and options during your training.

The timer/tracking system lets you choose your goals for the session and then alerts you when you hit that goal – for example, set your goal to 8 minutes or 500 feet of sled pushing, and The SledTred will sound the alarm when you've reached it!

The Power Tower

The Power Tower is your one-stop shop for all things upper-body! Its set up to give you a full body workout and helps improve strength!

You'll get a pull-up bar with multiple grips to train chin-ups or pull-ups using wide, narrow, and neutral grips.

Moving down, we added height-adjustable handles with comfortable grips for your dips.

At the bottom of The SledTred, we've mounted handle grips to act as parallel bars for your push-ups. This will place your wrists in a comfortable position and allow for a deeper range of motion push-ups.

The SledTred Power Tower can handle up to 400 lbs, so feel free to add weights to your exercises for those big gains!

The Nordic Bench

As mentioned, we made The SledTred perfectly compatible with KOT training, and the Nordic Bench lets you do one of KOT's staple exercises, Nordic curls!

You can adjust the multi-pad with three height levels, ensuring your ankles stay locked in for the whole set. 

The platform can be adjusted to 0 or 7 degrees, allowing you to do either flat or declined Nordic curls. Plus, the pull-up bar is in the perfect position to attach a band and perform assisted Nordic curls.

The Hip Thrust Machine

You'll use the thick multi-pad, which you can adjust to six different height levels, for a wide variety of exercises. 

The adjustability lets you set up for hip thrusts regardless of your height, which applies to Bulgarian split squats, elevated side planks, Copenhagen, couch stretches, and more. 

Choose the roller height to fit your needs for your exercise, and you're good to go!

The SledTred is also narrow enough to fit an Olympic bar loaded with plates across it for your heavy-weighted hip thrusts. 

The Sit-Up Bench

You can use the same setup for Nordic curls but flip onto your back for some serious core training!

The multi-pad will keep your feet locked and loaded, allowing you to emphasize your abs as you do everything from classic sit-ups to Russian Twists!

The Multi-Step

If you want even more versatility, the Multi-Step is an optional add-on you can purchase separately. 

It provides the perfect platform for KOT split squats, standing calf raises, reverse step-ups, and more!

You can adjust the height to the desired setting on The SledTred (17 height options), making it highly customizable for all your needs.

Rehabilitation & Prehab Training

The SledTreds customizability and versatility allow you to make each exercise really easy or very challenging, giving you an excellent way to rehab injuries in a controlled and progressive way.

Or, get ahead of potential injuries by strengthening your muscles, joints, and tendons through the excellent full-body training that The SledTred offers!

Track Your Progress with The SledTred

Progression is key, and The SledTred is set up to help monitor your progress.

The attached computer shows how long you've been training and how much distance you've covered.

Depending on your preference, it will show the distance in either miles or feet. The distance in miles is great if you're doing long-distance forward/backward walking, while measuring distance in feet is perfect for doing heavy sled pulls/pushes or sprints!

As mentioned, one of the coolest features we added to The SledTred is the ability to set goals and be alerted when you reach them!

For example, you can set your goal at 500 feet of sled pushing and then put your head down and grind it out without constantly looking up at the screen. The SledTred will sound the alarm once you've reached your set goal.

The SledTred Specs

In Sled pushing Mode, The SledTred is 67" long, 40" wide, and 87" tall.

In Power Tower Mode (or for vertical storage), it's 52" long, 40" wide, and 87" tall.

The belt surface is 53" long and 14" wide, and the treadmill angle can be set to 0 or 7 degrees.

The treadmill deck is rated up to 300 lbs and suitable for people up to 6'7" tall.

The Power Tower is rated for 400 lbs.

The total weight of the SledTred is 135 lbs, but only 20lbs of lifting force is required to lift the treadmill deck upright.

Special Features

The SledTred is a premium-quality piece of equipment, and we took no shortcuts in choosing the materials and components that make up this revolutionary training tool.

It features a vertical storage option that makes it compact, giving you more room when you're not using it. 

When purchasing The SledTred, you'll get The SledTred Treadmill, adjustable handlebars for dips, and an adjustable foam roller for hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, Nordic curls, etc. 

The Multi-Step attachment and Nordic curl pad are not included, but we have both available for purchase.


The SledTred is a full-body resistance training tool; you can do many exercises for a total body workout! 

  • Sled push/pull: Adding resistance to the belt track and choosing the appropriate handle gives you the same stimulus as pushing or pulling a sled would – along with all the great benefits!
  • Pull-ups: The pull-up bar offers multiple grips, giving you the choice of narrow, neutral, and wide grips for your chin-ups and pull-ups.
  • Nordic curls: We include the multi-pad roller to keep your feet tightly secured while you do assisted, declined, or flat Nordic curls on the treadmill deck.
  • Dips: The adjustable handle bars are perfect for taking your dips to the next level. They can handle up to 400 lbs for weighted dips. 
  • Manual treadmill walking: Set the belt to low resistance and get your steps in without needing power or a motor – forward or backward!
  • Push-ups: We attached comfortable push-up handles at the bottom of the frame to act as mini parallel bars.
  • Sit-ups: Lock your feet in with the adjustable ankle rollers and get comfy on the treadmill track. You can do many variations of sit-ups, including Russian Twists, medicine ball sit-ups, and decline sit-ups.
  • Hip thrusts: Use an Olympic bar and some weight plates, adjust the thick roller to your desired height, and you're set.
  • Bulgarian split squats: The roller pad has multiple height levels, so you can adjust the height of your back leg for optimal Bulgarian split squats!

There are even more exercises you can do than the ones listed here, and adding the Multi-Step will allow you to do things like standing calf raises, KOT split squats, Reverse Step-Ups, hamstring bridges, Peterson Step-Ups, Reverse Step-Ups, and Poliquin Step-Ups on a safe training surface. More attachments for the SledTred will be coming out! 

The Sledtred gives you maximum space in your home gym and all the power to improve strength with multi directional movements, or you can simulate pushing a weighted sled with the built in magentic resistance, You can use the Sledtred for training in a HIIT mode setting or gym, perform full body workouts, and perform some of the most effective exercises to be a stronger you! 

We'll have a complete training program for The SledTred, so stay tuned!


The SledTred is no ordinary home gym equipment; we're very proud of what it can offer, and we're excited about its ability to help with your training and recovery.

So, check out The SledTred, and let us know if you have any questions by contacting us here!

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