The Nordic Back Extension Machine

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Product Highlights

  • Nordic Bench + 45° Back Extension w/ Multi-Level Regressions

Perfect For Home & Commercial Gyms

Easy Upright Storage + Small Footprint

Fully Adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes.

Perfect For Nordic Curls, Back Extensions, QL Raises, Trap 3 Raises, & More!

1/3 The cost of Traditional Nordic Bench & Back Extension Machine Combined

Introducing The Nordic Back Extension Machine, a Revolution in Posterior Chain Training!
The Nordic Back Extension Machine combines the functionality of a Nordic Floor Bench and a Back Extension Machine into one convenient, cost-effective, and versatile piece of equipment that's perfect for home & commercial gyms.
Why The Nordic Back Extension Machine??
  1. Traditional Nordic Curl Floor Benches are challenging to use as a beginner because of the inability to regress during the exercise. Our Nordic Back Extension Machine has solved this issue by allowing new users to highly trained athletes to perform Nordic Curls with perfect form by building strength at each of the nine levels of regression.
  2. Back Extensions ( Hyperextension Machines) are very limited in terms of the exercises that can be performed with them. The Nordic Back Extension Machine is a multi-functional piece of equipment that allows for maximum functionality. 
  3. Similar quality Nordic Benches cost $500-800 (without the ability to regress like ours offers) & similar quality Back Extensions costs $250+ with The Nordic Back Extension you get both plus awesome added features to help elevate your training.
  4. Back Extensions improve the stability and muscle strength of your lower back. They also can have a rehabilitative effect on people with poor lumbar or thoracic back posture.
  5. Nordic Benches help reduce the risk of knee & hamstring injuries and improve athletic ability by performing Nordic Curls.

Elevate your training and get the most convenient & effective equipment on the market to strengthen your lower & upper body and improve your overall fitness!

Perfect for ATG Knees Over Toes Guy Training, home & commercial gyms, athletes, physical therapists, bodybuilders, trainers, and more.

Patent Pending®

Elevate Your Training Today With The Nordic Back Extension Machine!

Product Specs

  • Full-Size Nordic Floor Bench with 9 Levels of Regression between 0°-45°

  • Adjustable Back Extension Machine between 37°-45°

  • Easily Converts To Compact Nordic Bench

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction w/ Premium Materials

  • Rated For 550lbs

  • Built For Beginners & Pros