How Knees Over Toes & Ben Patrick are changing lives

How ATG & Ben Patrick Are Changing Lives | The Tib Bar Guy

Book/Exercise Review of "Knee Ability ZERO" 

In the summer of 2020, my wife and I did a cross-country trip in our converted Honda Element camper. We made our second stop at my brother Frank's home in greater Cincinnati. I have had knee struggles since first tearing my meniscus cartilage in 1992, and eventually getting a cartilage transplant in 2007. So I have someone else's meniscus in my right knee. However, on this trip, it was my left knee that was hurting, which has never given me any trouble (How does that happen???). It was not just hurting, but I could barely walk when we got out of the car at Frank's house, nor barely able to bend my left knee. It was so painful.

Full disclosure, Frank's son Logan is a coach in Ben Patrick's program. Logan saw me limp across the driveway, and said what he's said to me several times over the last couple of years, "Uncle Don, you just might want to consider the Knee Ability ZERO program for that knee!" I smiled, and thanked him, for sure not committing to diving in.

Fast forward one month, and I woke up one Saturday morning with the certainty in my inner-story that was running through my head at that moment that I was on my way down physically, and would continue to deteriorate over the next 30 years, just as my late father, Pat, had done. I would have to probably get a knee replacement, maybe even two. I was certain of that path, in that despairing moment. 

Then it hit me: that was a story I was telling myself! I didn't have to go that route, and I knew that my nephew Logan knew all about how to repair this knee problem. So, I contacted Logan, and he said, "Just get started with the Knee Ability ZERO program. You won't regret it". So, that day, I started the program.

Here's how it went: 

Day One, bad knee pain. Walking backward was weird, the rest of the exercises painful and difficult to do. But I did them all. 

Day Seven, less knee pain, getting used to walking backward, starting to feel some strength in my knees and legs.

Day Fourteen, no knee pain. What?? Yep, that old knee pain that nearly crippled me, where I was considering a knee replacement path ahead of me, all gone, in just two weeks. 

Day Twenty-One, no knee pain, stronger than I'd felt in decades in my knees, legs, and more. And walking backward was actually beginning to be fun!

After twelve weeks, I have begun to consider the unthinkable: That I may be able to not only run again, as I used to do for years, but I also may be able to play basketball again, perhaps with less intensity than when I was in my 20s and 30s (I'm 66 now . . . ), but maybe to be able to get back on the court again in the next year or two.

The Knee Ability ZERO book and exercise system are the real deal. It's totally changed my life. Just do it, no more excuses. 

You'll be happy you did.

Don McAvinchey, LCSW Virtual Therapy & Coaching

If you are interested in purchasing Ben Patrick's Knee Ability Zero Book click here.

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