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Why Invest in a Tib Bar?

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Firstly it gives you an easily accessible and measurable method for training your tibialis anterior muscle both for yourself and clients.

It enables you to train a movement that has recently come more to light through the amazing work of Ben Patrick and it is a key part of Knees Over Toes training which has helped thousands of people overcome knee pain.

Training your body with a ground up approach enables you to build better protection for your knees. This is beneficial for everyone in day to day life and even more so if you participate in sports, running or any high impact form of exercise. Put simply the stronger you are through your tibialis anterior the less force your knees have to absorb on every step you take be it walking down the stairs or running and jumping.

The Tib Bar equally enables you to load and strengthen your ankles through a full range of motion.

1. It will help to increase your ankle mobility which can benefit other exercises such as the squat where people may be limited in their range of motion due to their ankle mobility.

2. Experience the protection it provides for your ankles. Building up your strength through compound movements will give you the ability to produce more force through the hips and knees which is great but the ankles need to be proportionately strong to handle this increased force in order to prevent shin, ankle and foot pain.

To sum it up by getting relatively strong to your bodyweight in this exercise you are giving your body more protection, reducing your chances of suffering knee and ankle pain and therefore get to spend more time doing the physical activities you love.

When it comes to choosing where to buy from, I would personally recommend The Tib Bar Guy who offers a high quality product that is capable of handling a significant amount of load and at a reasonable price.

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