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Ultimate Knees Over Toes Equipment Buyers Guide 2024

Ultimate Knees Over Toes Equipment Buyers Guide 2024

Welcome to the Ultimate Knee Over Toes Equipment Buyers Guide For 2024! 

This is the place to be if you’ve been eyeing the game-changing equipment for “knees over toes” training, as we’ll explore our top-rated products that are specifically designed to boost your knee strength, enhance your athletic prowess, and unlock your full potential!

So, whether you’re an elite athlete, someone struggling with injuries, or just want a stronger body, this guide will walk you through all our innovative equipment tailored to the revolutionary principles of knees over toes training, setting you up for success in 2024!

Let’s check them out!

The Slant Stack

The Slant Stack will be a staple in your knees over toes training setup. It’s the first-of-its-kind in terms of how you use its platforms and slant board, as you can interlock them for a secure, seamless, and worry-free experience!

On top of being safely secured to the platforms, the slant board is covered in high-quality grip tape. This will keep your feet where they need to be, so you can focus on training rather than slipping! Plus, the Slant Stack comes with 3 strong 2-inch platforms so that you can progress or regress as needed. 

It’s portable, versatile, customizable, and perfect for VMO squats, Patrick Step Ups, Poliquin Step Ups, Jefferson Curls, calf raises, and so much more! And with a weight limit of 1200 lbs, your Slant Stack is here to keep up with you for a long time!

The Nordic Back Extension Machine

If you’re looking for a do-it-all posterior chain piece of equipment, the Nordic Back Extension Machine is going to be the perfect addition to your arsenal.

It’s essentially a Nordic floor bench and a back extension machine molded together, giving you an adjustable, high-quality, and space-friendly piece of kit for ⅓ of the price of both of these separate machines combined. 

You’ll take advantage of 9 levels of regression for your Nordic curls, allowing you to slowly and safely build strength in greater and greater ranges of motion! This is ideal for rehabbing/improving your knee health, prehabbing, or building athletic power in your hamstrings.

It also gives you a range of 37°-45° for back extensions with a weight limit of 550 lbs, giving you a lot of customizability and room for massive progress! It’s also great for QL raises and Trap 3 raises, raising the bar for what’s possible on such a compact machine!

And speaking of compact, the Nordic Back Extension Machine is fully adjustable with easy upright storage – perfect for your home gym!

The Tib Machine

Tibialis Anterior training is a key component of knees over toes, and strengthening that muscle is extremely important for defending against knee injuries and shin splints. The Tib Machine is the best way to isolate that important Tibialis Anterior, and its compact form carries some massive features!

It’s made with heavy-duty steel construction and a commercial-grade foam roller, meaning that you can use this thing for years to come! You can track exactly how much progress you’re making in your Tibialis Anterior training by using the Tib Machine’s high-quality loading bar, which puts all the emphasis on loading that muscle. 

Plus, you simultaneously strengthen the muscles and tendons in your ankle, making the Tib Bar Machine an amazing bang-for-your-buck!

The Torque Bar

The Torque Bar brings the upper body component of knees over toes training right into your hands! It’s made with high-quality materials that are tested for up to 100 lbs, and is the first – and only – piece of equipment in this field that converts to an adjustable dumbbell! 

This means you can train your wrist, elbow, and shoulder effectively and quickly, with many exercises at your hand including pronation, supination, radial and ulnar flexion, wrist flexion and extension, bicep and tricep training, and more! Plus, the included crush grip and finger extenders will strengthen and bulletproof your hands!

On top of strengthening, the Torque Bar will aid your recovery in upper body injuries, including rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, bicep strains, golfer's elbow, and much more!

Reverse Squat Straps

This is a great thing to have in your bag, as the Reverse Squat Straps offer so much versatility when it comes to what muscle groups you can train!

They were originally made for reverse squats, which train your hip flexor muscles. These muscles are the ones that lift your legs when running or jumping – the stronger your hip flexors, the more power you have in those movements!

However, you can also use the Reverse Squat Straps for bicep curls, tricep pull downs, face pulls, cable ab crunches, and much more! It’s made with neoprene padding for extra comfort, and is 18 inches long – the perfect length for a wide range of exercises. They include a heavy-duty D-ring and non-slip webbing, so you never have to worry about any ripping!

Parallel Bars

Ask anyone with a home gym what they’d pick if they could only keep one piece of equipment for training upper body and they’ll almost always point to parallel bars

Now, not all parallel bars are created equally, with this one being one of the best out there. It sports knurled handles for extra grip and comfort, allowing you to push further than your sweaty hands may have allowed in the past. It’s also 14 inches tall with an ultra-stable base, letting you easily do push-ups, swing-throughs, L-sits, handstand push-ups, tricep dips, planches, and much more!

Olympic Rings

Olympic rings are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there, and a good set will take your training to the next level. This particular one features premium wooden handles for a smooth and solid experience, and keeps you safe with commercial grade straps and buckles!

It also has 14 numbered settings, letting you quickly and easily set up for pull-ups, dips, push-ups, front and back levers, muscle-ups, rows, and much more – the sky’s the limit with these Olympic rings!

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best equipment for knees over toes training for 2024!

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