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Eight Exercises To Crush With The Torque Bar

Eight Exercises To Crush With The Torque Bar

Working on your health is the most important thing you can do, and that's what we're here to see!

The Torque Bar is more than just a piece of equipment – it's your key to building powerful muscles in your wrists, elbows, and shoulders, all while bulletproofing your joints and tendons for anything you throw at them!

Whether you use The Torque Bar to aid in injury recovery or build strength and muscle, we want to put you on the fast track to success.

That's why we've got these eight exercises you can do anywhere, anytime – get ready for some gains!

This classic Torque Bar exercise is crucial for building strength in the often-forgotten forearm and elbow muscles. It reduces the risk of injury and improves your performance in tennis, climbing, and other sports/activities where you use your hands.

Hold the Torque Bar at the bottom end, with the weight stack on the other end facing upwards and your elbow at 90º by your side – the more distance between the weights and your hand, the harder this gets.

Slowly rotate your wrist so that the palm of your hand faces towards the ceiling (this is the eccentric part), then turn your wrist back to the starting position (this is pronation).

Supination is the mirror movement of pronation! Start the same way, but this time, rotate your wrist so that the palm of your hand faces the floor before turning it back to the starting position – AKA supinating your wrist! As with all these exercises, make sure you move in a slow and controlled manner.

Supination is an excellent exercise for recovering from wrist and forearm injuries, including forearm fractures and tendonitis – just like pronation.

It'll also strengthen the surrounding muscles, improving your sports performance and preventing future overuse injuries.

Radial Flexion
Radial Flexion is another excellent exercise for recovering from wrist/forearm injuries, and it builds strength in a way we often neglect!

Start with your arm straight and slightly in front of you, holding the Torque Bar at the end opposite of the weights. Slowly bend your wrist so that your pinky finger gets closer to your forearm before "radially flexing" your wrist, AKA bringing your thumb closer to your forearm.

Ulnar Flexion
Ulnar flexion is another underrated exercise in wrist/elbow injury recovery and strengthening, providing many benefits for people with ulnar fractures and wrist sprains.

You want your arm straight down by your side, holding the Torque Bar on one end with the weight stack facing behind you. Let the weight reach down towards the ground for the eccentric part of this movement, then bend your wrist to bring the weight stack and your pinky closer to your forearm.

Wrist Flexion

Support your forearm on a bench or table, with your wrist hanging off the end with your palm facing up. Grab the Torque Bar in the middle with weights on both ends, then bend your wrist towards you. Slowly bend the wrist back toward the ground for the eccentric part, which will stretch your muscles!

Wrist Extension

Set up the same way as you would with wrist flexion, but have your palm facing the floor. Then, bend your wrist in a controlled manner, feeling the muscles at the top of your forearm work! Again, slowly bending your wrist toward the ground is recommended to take advantage of the eccentric part!

Calling all rock climbers and powerlifters – here's a great way to improve your grip strength!

The adjustable grip strength trainer with your Torque Bar Bundle gives you 50-150 lbs of resistance, allowing you to progress to a handshake that'll leave lasting impressions!

Beneficial for any sport, try the crushing grip by placing it in between your thumb and fingers, squeezing so that both sides nearly touch.

Not only do finger extensions prevent overuse injuries, but they're often a big part of tennis elbow rehab programs!

The Torque Bar Bundle includes four finger extension trainers from 8-21 lbs of resistance, allowing you to progressively strengthen the many tendons and muscles spanning from your elbow to your fingers! Place each finger in the corresponding holes, then spread them apart as far as possible before returning to the starting position.

Try these eight exercises out, and you'll be well on your way towards strong, injury-free, and powerful hands and arms – your joints, tendons, and muscles will thank you!

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