The Solo Tib Bar

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Product Highlights

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction

Ultra Secure Commercial Grade Straps

Patent Pending Dumbbell Clamp

6” Stainless Steel Loading Bar

Fits 2" Olympic Size Weight Plates & Dumbbells

Tested up to 100lbs

The Solo Tib Bar is a perfect solution for those wanting to start using a single-foot Tib Bar and doing Tibialis Raises, Hip Flexor Raises, Ankle Rotations & Hamstring curls & way more!

Every Solo Tib Bar includes our patent pending dumbbell clamp to now allow for the use of a dumbbell instead of weight plates! 

The Dumbbell Clamp is an ultra-secure clamp designed to transform the traditional way of loading weights onto equipment. No longer are you restricted from using weight plates on barbells. Now with The Dumbbell Clamp, you can use any dumbbell and securely attach it to any barbell in your gym...Get Creative!

We designed The Solo Tib Bar to be commercial grade, starting with a steel construction, stainless steel loading bar, and ultra-secure strap, making it incredibly durable.

Perfect for ATG Knees Over Toes Guy Training, Home & Commercial Gyms, Sports teams, Cross Fit, group training, athletes, physical therapists & more!

The Solo Tib Bar will help develop a strong Tibialis Anterior muscle and increase the ankle's strength and range of motion. This is the first line of defense against knee injuries.

The Tibialis Anterior is the muscle that runs next to the shin bone, down the front of the leg from the knee to the ankle. When the Tibialis Anterior muscle is weak, the undue force being generated through walking, running, or jumping makes its way to the knee, causing knee pain and shin splints.

Strengthening the Tibialis Anterior with a Tibialis trainer like The Solo Tib Bar has been linked to decreased shin splints and knee pain. Using the Solo Tib Bar also helps to strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments surrounding the ankle while simultaneously stretching and increasing the ankle's range of motion.

Excellent for ATG Knees Over Toes Guy Training and their Zero, Dense, and Standards program.

This piece of equipment goes by many names, such as tibialis trainer, tibialis bar, iron tib bar, tibialis raise bar, tibia bar, or iso tib bar, and more. However, we manufacture and sell the best Tibialis trainers for the money.

Elevate Your Training Today With The Solo Tib Bar!