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Why Nordic Hamstring Curls?

Do Hamstring Curls Make You Faster | Tib Bar Guy

The hamstrings, located on the back of the thigh, play a critical role in running performance and injury prevention. These muscles are responsible for hip extension and knee flexion, both of which are essential for efficient running.

Do hamstring curls make you faster?

Strong hamstrings allow for a powerful and efficient stride, which can lead to faster running times and improved endurance. At the end hamstring curls aid in building both strength and flexibility, both elements are a vital component of any speed-focused training regimen, and can significantly enhance your sprinting and overall athletic performance.

By specifically targeting the hamstring muscles located at the back of your thighs, you can contribute to a more explosive stride and improved running mechanics, directly translating to increased speed. When executed with proper form and gradually intensified resistance, hamstring curls help fortify the muscles' power output during the push-off phase of each stride, generating greater propulsion and speed.

However, the hamstrings are also commonly prone to injury, especially among runners. Weak or imbalanced hamstrings can lead to a variety of issues, such as muscle strains, pulls, and tears. This is why it's essential to include exercises that specifically target the hamstrings in your training routine.

How to prevent hamstring injuries?

One effective exercise for training hamstring strength is the Nordic hamstring curl. This exercise targets the hamstrings through knee flexion and hip extension, making it a great exercise for runners. The Nordic hamstring curl is an intermediate to advanced exercise, and generally requires either a device or partner to properly perform the exercise. Additionally, progression of the exercise is advisable, and can be accomplished by the use of long bands or devices that reduce the range of motion.

Speciality Nordic Benches that have a padded ankle attachment are a popular option to progress the Nordic hamstring curl. Users kneel on the bench, placing ankles under the padded attachment, and slowly lean forward, towards the backrest part of the bench. Generally, the backrest part of the bench is adjusted to be in a more vertical position when the participant is just learning the exercise. As the participant improves at the exercise, the backrest is progressively lowered to be flat and inline with the portion of the bench being kneeled on.

It's important to note that Nordic hamstring curl should be performed with proper form and control, as they can be quite challenging and can lead to injury if not done properly. It's also important to start with a lower number of reps and increase as you become stronger and more comfortable with the exercise.

In conclusion, training hamstring strength is crucial for running performance and injury prevention. Exercises like the Nordic hamstring curl are a great way to target the hamstrings and improve running efficiency. Incorporating these exercises into your regular workout routine can help you become a stronger and more efficient runner.

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