The Nordic Weight Bench

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Product Highlights

  • Durable Steel Construction

High-Quality Foam Padding

Compact - No Tools Required Assembly

Fully Adjustable Weight Bench and Nordic Attachment

Tested up to 700lbs

1/4 The Cost of a Traditional Weight Bench & Nordic GHD Floor Bench

The Nordic Weight Bench is the First and Only Weight Bench / Nordic Floor Bench Combo that provides a fantastic all-in-one user experience at less than a quarter of the cost of purchasing a Traditional Weight Bench and Nordic Floor Bench separately.

Combining a Nordic Floor Bench and Traditional Weight Bench exercises, we can offer an incredibly compact, robust, & affordable package that's perfect for ATG Knees Over Toes Guy Training, home gyms, athletes, physical therapists, and more.

The Nordic Curl exercise has proven itself as a critical factor in helping to prevent hamstring injuries and increase athleticism by overloading the hamstrings eccentrically.

Typical Nordic Curl Benches are challenging to use as a beginner because of the inability to regress during the exercise. Our Nordic Weight Bench has solved this issue by allowing new users to highly trained athletes to perform Nordic Curls with perfect form by catering to your skill level!

Are you trying to master your first Nordic? Start at the highest regression and work your way down at your own pace!

The Nordic Weight Bench is designed with the end user in mind. We set out to completely rethink how a traditional weight bench is manufactured. From the wider bottom support pad to allow for ample knee space for Nordic Curls to the narrow upper support pad for a full range of motion for all pressing exercises, our Nordic Weight Bench is exceptional in every way!

From the Nordic Floor Bench Rogue offers to The NordStick to various other brands, this style of equipment and training are becoming more & more popular because of the real-life benefits training the hamstring offer. 

Elevate Your Training Today With The Nordic Weight Bench!