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Hey I'm Logan! The founder of The Tib Bar Guy

In 2019 I was plagued with injuries ranging from jumpers knee (patellar tendinopathy), shin splints, back pain, regular ankle sprains, elbow pain when lifting, and many others.

Ultimately, my goal was to increase my vertical jump to become a better dunker (I love playing basketball), but injuries always held me back.

While scrolling through IG, I came across training methods that looked like they could help me with these issues.

The Tib Bar Guy 1

I began to implement this training in my workouts and started learning as much as I could about proper training and perfect exercise form.

Soon I was pain free and jumping higher than ever!

Then I was given an amazing opportunity to become an online form coach. I was able to help thousands of clients in their journey of becoming pain free!

But I wasn’t satisfied yet. I quickly noticed a hole in the market in the equipment space. People needed equipment for all of the unique exercises.

Most equipment didn’t provide a safe or correct setup for these exercises. The few pieces of equipment that did exist for this type of training were either too expensive or did not exist.

Starting with a PVC Tib Bar & wooden slant board that was completely handmade, it provided a valuable solution to thousands of people.

Our first 8 months in business we sold to 37 countries from the USA to Mauritius an island east of Madagascar!

The Tib Bar Guy 3

In 2022 we launched six new products, did a brand redesign to our current colors and logo, kept our heads down, and focused on new product development.

The new products include:

  • The Tib Bar Pro
  • The Solo Tib Bar
  • The Nordic Weight Bench
  • The Slant Stack
  • The EZ-Nord
  • The Reverse Squat Strap

2022 was a pivotal year for us. We brought innovative fitness equipment to the market and solidified our beliefs that we are making a difference in the community.

Sold in 50 countries for 2022!

The Tib Bar Guy 4

For many years I continued to work through the ranks and was the head of quality control for online coaches until recently when I stepped down to focus entirely on growing The Tib Bar Guy.

In January, we launched our new website to support our growing product line and help ensure a smooth customer experience.

  • The Nordic Back Extension
  • The Torque Bar
  • The Slant Ramps
  • The Tib Machine

To be continued...

The Tib Bar Guy 5
Thank you for taking the time to read through our journey of where it all started.
It's been an insane ride, and we can't thank our supporters enough for allowing us to change lives through innovation and education.

Our story isn't complete, and we want you to join us and be a part of a true American success story.

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